M.A.C. and Wonder Woman, fighting against the forces of ugly.

Fighting the forces of Drab

Of the numerous comments on my last post, there was on from my most loyal reader (and sister), Almitra.  She ask what eyeliner Storm (Super hero of the X-men)would wear.  Now, I don’t know about Storm, but I can find out what Wonder Woman would use because M.A.C. just launched their Wonder Woman line of cosmetics today!!!  It’s cheesy, pandering and I ❤ it!!!! The moment that I heard about the line 2 weeks ago I was excited. I have had little sleep since then.

Today, right after work, I am heading straight to the nearest M.A.C store to shell out obscene amounts of cash to add to an already overstuffed makeup collection of mine.  They have eyeshadow sets, lipstick, nail polish, pigments & of course eyeliner.

Be still my beating heart!! Plus there is a magenta colored pigment. Magenta being my all-time fav color.   I can’t wait. Will these products make me invincible?  Only time will tell.

Wonder Woman Penultimate Eye Liner

Depending on how much my credit card can bear, next time you hear from me you may not recognize my new alter-ego, Magenta Mamma!



About asharismith

I am a female in my late 30's. I recently moved to the Los Angeles area. I work as a make-up artist, prosthetics and wig maker and sometimes as a personal assistant.

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  1. Super fun! I wish I could be out there fighting the forces of drab! Right now, I’m just trying to keep up fighting the forces of oily!

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