M.A.C’s Wonder Woman Eye Liner Packs A Punch!

Eye liner that goes POW!

The original Wonder Woman

I was so excited to get to the M.A.C store and use my ex-boyfriends credit card to buy these basic necessities.  After searching around for a store or counter close to my current location (rather than wasting 2hrs in traffic driving all the way back home) I found a M.A.C counter in the Bloomingdales at Beverly Center in West Hollywood.

Gotta love the hair. I wonder if it's a weave?

The product launch was that Thursday morning.  I got there around 5pm that same evening and M.A.C was already sold out of most of the products.  Apparently M.A.C should be listed as a controlled substance.

The FABULOUS M.A.C make-up artist, Gina

The sales person that helped me, Gina, the make-up artist extraordinaire, was great!  She wasn’t just trying to get me to buy everything and anything.  She was actually interested in what my preferences were and the make-up look I was trying to accomplish.  She was extremely patient with me as I hemmed and hawed over what to get.  AND she gave me helpful career advice.

Here’s what I bought:

2 lip glosses in “Wonder Woman” red and “Secret Identity” bronze

1 lipstick in “Heroine”  a bronzy color

2 nail polishes in “Obey Me” red and “Spirit of Truth” blue (I want to get a red & blue french manicure with these two)

2 liquid eyeliner pens in “Rapidblack”

I wish I had purchased the bronzer and eye shadow sets too. Oh well, didn’t want to push my luck with the credit card.

The product containers are a little bulky, but fun

In the end, it cost about $136.64.  I am glad some things were out of stock because I would have wanted to spend even more.

You go girl!

The packaging is cute, fun and made me feel like a kid again (not that I wore makeup as a kid, but… ya know).  Also, the red, white and blue theme makes it a great way to show off you patriotism this July.

So far I only tried the eye liner, RapidBlack, which is… well black. I ❤ it!  The other stuff is so cute, I don’t want to open it.  The eye liner is basically a big felt tip pen, so if you want a tiny line, this may not be for you.  I was able to get a nice smooth line and I could even to the wingtip  and make them even on both sides on the first try, (I can do that cat eye, pin-up girl liner on others but I have a hard time doing it on myself with one eye half closed) I was very pleased.

Rapidblack eye liner and lots of packaging

I was surprised at the excessive packaging.  The products come in red boxes that are slid into colorful, comic book theme sleeves. I guess DC and M.A.C are not worried about the environment.

Some may say that DC sold out Wonder Woman.  She started out as an a** kicking super hero fighting Nazis and now she is hocking red, hooker lipgloss in an effort to “fight the powers of  drabe.” But, a girls gotta eat.  Who am I to say it’s wrong.  All I know is that with this “Wonder Woman” red lipgloss, I feel like I can take on the World!


About asharismith

I am a female in my late 30's. I recently moved to the Los Angeles area. I work as a make-up artist, prosthetics and wig maker and sometimes as a personal assistant.

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  1. This makes me want to “rework” the family budget to go get some “super powered” makeup too! Do you think I can take on the world with just the lip gloss and eyeliner?

    Also, I don’t remember the original Wonder Woman having so much hanging out of her top. I guess when you’re a little girl you don’t notice such things.


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