Using the Bible to Bed the Ladies

On Sunday after church I went over a fellow church member’s house where he proceeded to make grilled sandwiches and  french fries for me.  In return, I had brought him a lovely bottle of Roija wine.

He is a platonic friend that I talked to occasionally. While eating he complained about how the women were causing him to slip and have premarital sex, when he was desperately trying to be celibate. He wanted to know what was wrong with women that they would get so attached to him so quickly.

In his eyes, he was an innocent bystander that was being manipulated into sex.  Since he wasn’t the aggressive party, he figures that it isn’t necessary to continue with any sort of relationship after sex.

He talked about being a religious, spiritually upstanding man. That he has the gift to see people for who they really are inside. And how he wants a God-fearing woman to be his wife.  He quotes scripture often during general conversation and talks so much about commitment, love and monogamy. Sounds great, right?

This is the same man that complained that women come into relationship with their defenses up and it doesn’t give him a chance to get to know them for who they really are (even though he has that special gift I mentioned earlier).  Apparently I fall into the category of a woman with her defenses up…. which is why he believes that I am still single).  Of course when the woman’s defenses are down, because they believe that he is an honest, sincere, christian man, he has sex with them and then looses interest.  I won’t be letting my defenses down any time soon.

It makes me wonder how many other men are using the church and the bible as a way to bed the ladies?


About asharismith

I am a female in my late 30's. I recently moved to the Los Angeles area. I work as a make-up artist, prosthetics and wig maker and sometimes as a personal assistant.

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  1. Bravo for sharing about an important topic!

  2. Nothing wrong with defenses up coming into a relationship. From another guy, dude sounds full of shit to me.

  3. What century are we in when a man can’t take responsibility for his own actions and has to blame women for seducing him? Either he wants to have sex or he does not. His choice. Sounds like you should “keep your defenses up” to avoid the awful temptation to seduce this saint.

    And share that with your sisters.

    P.S. Sex does not equal love, nor does it equal a relationship nor does having it make you bad.

  4. Just because he quotes scriptures doesn’t make him Mr. Right. Definitely keep those so called “defenses up” and keep on stepping. Trust your instincts. Sounds like he has the problem not the women because nobody is forcing him to do anything he doesn’t want to do. He’s supposed to be a grown man, please!

  5. Thanks for the comment. I will check out your blog.

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