Party Like A Rock Star…. From Mars – Winning?!?!

(Charlie Sheen is seen during an interview with ABC News)

Everyone has things they are are obsessive about.  For me, I know that certain things I can not buy because I will over indulge.  I will eat Cap’n Crunch, Crunch Berries cereal until my mouth is raw.  I cannot control myself with PEZ candy, or Cheetos. They are like crack for me. I understand that I have limitations. I am human, I am not a “rock star from Mars.”

Often times when celebrities go crazy, it makes me feel a little better about myself because with all of my faults and limitations, at least I am not mad as a March Hare . Until now, Mel Gibson held the title of King of the Fruitcakes, but Charlie Sheen has recently dethroned him royally.  However, he does not consider himself a king, he called himself a “Warlock” and “Rock Star from Mars” with tiger and adonis blood running through his veins.  Also claiming that drugs and alcohol work during his interview with NBC’s Jeff Rossen.

Access Hollywood Live’s, Kit Hoover, called Charlie Sheen, “Chatty Charlie” and that he is.  Every time he opens his mouth, Charlie is a great anti-drug ad. After every interview, the reporter should look at the camera and say “This is your brain on drugs, any questions?”

The sad part is that Charlie’s girlfriends said they support him in everything he does.  How old are these girls anyway? They don’t look old enough to drink.  I wonder if it has ever occurred to them to check out or codependents anonymous?  I am guessing this is not their first codependent relationship.  Does this remind anyone of the relationship in the movie, Leaving Las Vegas?  Where a prostitute takes care of guy who is drinking himself to death.

(Spellman/WireImage; Merritt/Getty;

At least Charlie’s brother and dad are worried and praying for him.   And what about the kids? It cannot be a healthy environment for them. Who has their best interest at heart? And, where is the mom? What does she think of the “goddess” girlfriends, raising her kids, with crazy Charlie?

If I ever go off the deep end and go on a week long Crunch Berries, Cheetos and PEZ bender with a bunch of porn stars, I hope my family would love me enough to break into my house, hog-tie me and make me watch these Charlie Sheen interviews.  Then find me mentally unfit and send me to some kind of AA type group and give me salve for my Crunch Berries mouth.  I’m just saying.


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I am a female in my late 30's. I recently moved to the Los Angeles area. I work as a make-up artist, prosthetics and wig maker and sometimes as a personal assistant.

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