Neurotic Shari…..

Procrastinating the day away..... Not winning 😦

Throwing stones at crazy Charlie Sheen gave me a chance to distract myself from my own personal issues, like anxiety and procrastination.  Like, why I seem to be unable to send my sister and mom the wigs I made them.  I feel paralyzed at the thought of sending them off.  I am not sure why.  I know I did a good job making the wigs.  I know my family will be honest about how they like the wigs. Or nicely say that it’s not their style.

Actually, even though I don’t have tiger blood running through my veins. I did muster up the courage to mail the wigs out, but when the package was sent back due to insufficient postage, I felt as though it was a sign. Now, I can’t seem to bring myself back to the post office.

Since I don’t live with a porn star, or make 2 million an episode, this may not be interesting to anyone but me.  It is just a public apology to my mom and sister that they have not gotten the wigs I promised.  And a personal admission about my unrealistic neurotic, anxiety concerning my work and life in general. Everyday I feel worse and it gets harder to get other things done as well.

I am sure posting this will result in an uncomfortable phone call from my mother.  Not sure I will answer the phone.  😀

Since the box-o-wigs was returned I have taken the wigs out to tweak them a bit. I will stop fiddling with the wigs, repack them and ship them out…. one day. And like a Charlie Sheen party, it will be EPIC!  “Winning!”


About asharismith

I am a female in my late 30's. I recently moved to the Los Angeles area. I work as a make-up artist, prosthetics and wig maker and sometimes as a personal assistant.

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  1. Yes, your mother did call only to prompt you to send the box again. You can do it! I think procrastination is inherited and passed down through generations. That’s what I’m sticking to. I apologize- you can blame it on your mother if you like. There, hope that makes you feel better.

    I know you can get past this and move on to greater heights. Remember you are fearfully and wonderfully made and you must love yourself totally. You are smart, beautiful and a doer, getting things done in a timely, organized manner. Repeat the mantra! I love you as you are, Mom

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