Getting My Tweet On

I've been twittered!

I am now on twitter as, ShariSmithMUA, for those of you out there who want to stay up-to-the-minute on all of my thoughts on make-up, dating and life in general.





M.A.C’s Wonder Woman Eye Liner Packs A Punch!

Eye liner that goes POW!

The original Wonder Woman

I was so excited to get to the M.A.C store and use my ex-boyfriends credit card to buy these basic necessities.  After searching around for a store or counter close to my current location (rather than wasting 2hrs in traffic driving all the way back home) I found a M.A.C counter in the Bloomingdales at Beverly Center in West Hollywood.

Gotta love the hair. I wonder if it's a weave?

The product launch was that Thursday morning.  I got there around 5pm that same evening and M.A.C was already sold out of most of the products.  Apparently M.A.C should be listed as a controlled substance.

The FABULOUS M.A.C make-up artist, Gina

The sales person that helped me, Gina, the make-up artist extraordinaire, was great! ¬†She wasn’t just trying to get me to buy everything and anything. ¬†She was actually interested in what my preferences were and the make-up look I was trying to accomplish. ¬†She was¬†extremely patient with me as I hemmed and hawed over what to get. ¬†AND she gave me helpful career advice.

Here’s what I bought:

2 lip glosses in “Wonder Woman” red and “Secret Identity” bronze

1 lipstick in “Heroine” ¬†a bronzy color

2 nail polishes in “Obey Me” red and “Spirit of Truth” blue (I want to get a red & blue french manicure with these two)

2 liquid eyeliner pens in “Rapidblack”

I wish I had purchased the bronzer and eye shadow sets too. Oh well, didn’t want to push my luck with the credit card.

The product containers are a little bulky, but fun

In the end, it cost about $136.64.  I am glad some things were out of stock because I would have wanted to spend even more.

You go girl!

The packaging is cute, fun and made me feel like a kid again (not that I wore makeup as a kid, but… ya know). ¬†Also, the red, white and blue theme makes it a great way to show off you patriotism this July.

So far I only tried the eye liner, RapidBlack, which is… well black. I ‚̧ it! ¬†The other stuff is so cute, I don’t want to open it. ¬†The eye liner is basically a big felt tip pen, so if you want a tiny line, this may not be for you. ¬†I was able to get a nice smooth line and I could even to the wingtip ¬†and make them even on both sides on the first try, (I can do that cat eye, pin-up girl liner on others but I have a hard time doing it on myself with one eye half closed) I was very pleased.

Rapidblack eye liner and lots of packaging

I was surprised at the excessive packaging.  The products come in red boxes that are slid into colorful, comic book theme sleeves. I guess DC and M.A.C are not worried about the environment.

Some may say that DC sold out Wonder Woman. ¬†She started out as an a** kicking super hero fighting Nazis and now she is hocking red, hooker lipgloss in an effort to “fight the powers of ¬†drabe.” But, a girls gotta eat. ¬†Who am I to say it’s wrong. ¬†All I know is that with this “Wonder Woman” red lipgloss, I feel like I can take on the World!

M.A.C. and Wonder Woman, fighting against the forces of ugly.

Fighting the forces of Drab

Of the numerous comments on my last post, there was on from my most loyal reader (and sister), Almitra. ¬†She ask what eyeliner Storm (Super hero of the X-men)would wear. ¬†Now, I don’t know about Storm, but I can find out what Wonder Woman would use because M.A.C. just launched their Wonder Woman line of cosmetics today!!! ¬†It’s cheesy, pandering and I ‚̧ it!!!! The moment that I heard about the line 2 weeks ago I was excited. I have had little sleep since then.

Today, right after work, I am heading straight to the nearest M.A.C store to shell out obscene amounts of cash to add to an already overstuffed makeup collection of mine.  They have eyeshadow sets, lipstick, nail polish, pigments & of course eyeliner.

Be still my beating heart!! Plus there is a magenta colored pigment. Magenta being my all-time fav color. ¬† I can’t wait. Will these products make me invincible? ¬†Only time will tell.

Wonder Woman Penultimate Eye Liner

Depending on how much my credit card can bear, next time you hear from me you may not recognize my new alter-ego, Magenta Mamma!


My Favorite Things (MFT) – Sassy Liquid Eyeliner

Fav liquid eyeliner

I ‚̧ L'Oreal Paris Lineur Intense Felt Tip Liquid Liner

One of my favorite items of makeup that I keep with me at all times, is my L’Oreal Liner Intense, felt tip liquid eyeliner in “Black Mica.”

It glides on smooth and is GREAT for evening makeup, but I wear it in the day time too (I know, I am a rebel :p  ).  It gives that smooth pin-up girl look for your eyes, like Marilyn Monroe.

Marylin Monroe - pin-up girl eyes








Far from the Marylin Monroe look pin-up look. I personally love the name “Black Mica” it sounds like a cool blaxploitation¬†movie character like, “Foxy Brown.” ¬†I imagine that the Black Mica character would have razor blades in her afro, a skin-tight leopard print jumpsuit and a whole lot of attitude!

This liquid liner comes in four colors:
Earthen Rock Brown
Carbon Black
Mineral Grey
Black Mica

Honey child, whether you are a pin-up girl or a sassy talking foxy mamma, ¬†if you want your eyes to look as sexy as you feel,¬†you can’t go wrong with L’Oreal Paris Lineur Intense. ¬†Any color you choose will look dy-no-mite!

Pam Grier - One foxy lady!













Hello Haute World!

Hi Everyone,

This is my first blog posting.  I was  encouraged by my sister, Almitra, to start a blog, so here I am.  Here to give you my two pence about makeup, life, love and whatever else pops into my head that particular day.

One of my shortcomings is procrastination.  I have been meaning to start this blog for some time now. Finally when I was complaining to my sister about a disturbing trend in eyebrows that I saw in an issue of  Vogue Italia, on the models for designer Ann Demeulemeester (it looks like someone drew them on with a sharpie).

Trends in eyebrows shapes is a subject which my sister could care less about, so she suggested (as she often does) that I blog so I can tell someone who does cares.

So here I am. ¬†Now, I understand that runway looks are often done for shock value and often times don’t trickle down to the masses. ¬†Like Alexander McQueen’s (may he RIP), 2009 red lips…. nay, red mouth look.

At the time, my fashion makeup teacher said Mr. McQueen was a genius, and she was right. We need to push boundaries and try new things. ¬†So, I am trying something new with this blog. ¬†Maybe one day I will even color my eyebrows with a sharpie too. ¬†Yep, I will get around to doing it… one of these days.